^ indeed.

A so far lesser spotted post, but full of useless information all the same.
Since the last episode, things has been going far too fast. Currently there is around one week of mayhem left. In the meantime, days (and indeed nights in some cases) are filled with a touch of sleep, lots of tea and much work. Projects include the usual work, more 328 stuff (and the associated risk of electrocuting myself), very slow work on the mystery project, and some work on previous projects. Not all fun, and to be honest, quick sickening (Refering to finding ways to integrate with a remote MS-E server without any access or help from the client…).

More pages may soon appear on the main site (which itself may get a make over, maybe), including some information on parts suppliers that I have found useful. For most it may not be of any help, but for others it may be.

Until the next time, keep an eye on the skies and enjoy.