Indeed, science! Not just any science, back yard science! Or atleast rented warehouse science. In recent news has been the story of a man who, when not working as a web developer, has developed a fusion reactor. Yes thats right, a nuclear reactor, in a warehouse in Brooklyn. The DIY project itself cost over $39000 with the majority of the bill funded by the amateur scientist. You can read more at your news outlet of choice, including the BBC.


If you haven’t heard, it is element-14 first birthday. Happy birthday to them!
As part of this they have been running some trivia quizzes, and guess who won one. The prize was a high quality element-14 t-shirt. Some of the best packaging so far. Compressed down to a smaller t-shirt brick.


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Everything Else?

Attention Scum!

No, I don’t just mean that as a greeting, I mean the TV series by Simon Munnery, Stewart Lee and friends (Including Kevin Eldon…). Really, why did it have to end? It was a work of genius. If anyone knows whether it can be found on DVD I’d love to know!

Short blog is short, if theres anything you want to see here next time, speak up. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weather.

Rant Time.

Todays topic of ranting is dating websites. Don’t want to read? Don’t look.

Indeed, dating websites, particularly the TV ads for them. Seriously, just why? They are like the bing adverts of the dating world. “Yes, we help you find what you want, you lazy, idiotic tool”. Now, I have nothing against the users of such sites, if thats how you wish to meet new people, fine, go ahead. My problem is with the adverts themselves, they always seem to say that everyone is incapable of getting up, going out and meeting someone. Yes yes, I know what you are thinking, its not as easy as that, but come on, once you’ve made a “match” on one of these sites, you are going to have to do it anyway, so why not start there? I’m done for now, finding some Fat Truckers on youtube distracted away from the point.