Pep build, a set on Flickr.

Following on from the element14/Texas Instruments Ultimate Road Test, it was time for a little break. The solution was to work on something I’ve been planning a while. There were so many options for what to do, but in the end, there was only really one choice, the ever popular Storm Trooper.

Cue a good few hours work cutting out and joining the pep files (Naturally, I ended up finding on without the tabs on. That was fun…), next step was to reinforce it all. The simplest way was polyester resin and fibreglass. A bit of a messy job, but it seems to be working well. Next step is to remodel the areas that need it (Milliput and body filler), and after that is to paint it. This may take a while, but worth it.

For a first attempt, it isn’t going to be screen accurate, maybe next time though.